We support transgender developers

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We support transgender developers.

While I wanted the first post on the Clearwater.rb blog to be about how we released 1.0.0 and are ready for production use something else came up. That said we're glad to be given the chance to be extremely clear on this subject. Clearwater.rb is founded on the Opal.rb technology and we are inexorably tied to it's development. Because of this any achievements or praise we garner is by proxy a praise for the work done on Opal.rb. That said two of the Opal.rb core contributors have done something transphobic.

We are not robots. We are not brains in a jar and the people around us have feelings. We work together to make our tools better and that requires that we be willing to accept each other. Empathy is something we, the developers of Clearwater.rb, value immensely. We will strive to never have someone who both contributes to Clearwater.rb and also contributes to ignorance and hate. So we say this gladly:

We support transgender developers, bisexual developers, intersexual developers, non-neurotypical developers, developers of color, economically disadvantaged developers, and more.